Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Revitalization

So my brother-in-law over at PlasticCrack guessed (mostly) right on the teaser post I made the other day.  Had he not, I was going to post a new teaser showing some of the pastel shading I did last night after working later than anticipated and never making it down to the painting desk, but I'll add a more complete image showing the work I've got done on the Mauler (Bomber to come from next kit buy).

Not quite revelatory enough???
 As with the Warpwolf work I've got done (which I realize I probably never posted...), I've really come to love the combination of the airbrush and the pastel pigments on these relatively large, fleshy models.

As I thought about getting back into Warmachine/Hordes (I refuse to refer to the system as WarmaHordes; sorry), I realize that I kinda ran out of steam on the game system when I started looking at painting a bunch of infantry models in order to build out the force(s) for eAsphyxious and pBaldur casters I picked.  As a result, I thought hard about what appealed to me about the game:  Large, steam-driven machines fighting huge, enraged monsters. 

Having come to that conclusion, I put an order in for the premier 'jack caster for Cryx.  While the model looks neat, her abilities look amazing for a 'jack list and it's quite exciting to think I can run a list that, while possibly not as "purely" competitive, is likely very fun and at least highly capable.  I figure that I might just add the Trollblood version of Mortenebra, since I like the model and love the fluff.

The biggest shame of this is that I've got a bunch of Circle stuff that I'd like to see painted, but a combination of lots o' brown © and an existing skaven WFB army make that option extremely un-exciting.  In time, they'll likely see the light of day.

I'll get some more work done on the troll tonight and post up ASAP.


  1. well fighting my legion will be interesting.... it will definitely be a monster mash. but there will be my khador and they will be a mix that will lean to the infantry side of things thanks to Sorscha.

    Interesting games ahead for sure.

  2. Yeah, I don't know how any of it would play, but I like the idea of playing it. I would actually think the harder to overcome matchup would be Legion, but I don't know it well enough to say either. It should be neat either way.