Monday, July 8, 2013

Revival Teaser

So I've been revving back up on painting following the hectic period of having moved into our new house while simultaneously doing 50% travel for work.  Having come through this period, I'm poking around with the Skaven some more, as well as this little guy.  I'll post a followup with the completed model in the next couple days, but here's a little glimpse of my second hack at the model with the airbrush.  I think it's very exciting...
So manly, he's growing hair on his chest (damnit!)...
Thus far this is a one-off model, but I'm enjoying painting it so much, there may have to be a plan to expand.  Guesses?


  1. my only guess would be the warhammer giant. other then that I am stumped.

  2. NM i see it is labeled Hordes so now my guess would be. Dire Troll Bomber. That would be an interesting army painting wise there units are really nice looking and have that Celtic feel and the heavy's are some sweet centerpieces.