Monday, August 12, 2013

Troll Update and A Little Catch-Up

I spent some time making further progress on my bomber last night, so I figured I'd post some pictures from before I did anything last night so that the next update, hopefully coming tomorrow, shows substantial, appreciable progress. 
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 I'm going to also open a little window into the other project that's been back-burner'd for a long time.  I'm hoping to figure out a decent way to airbrush fur and kinda finish out this model so that I can tempt my wife into helping me build up a werewolf army for her...
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  1. yes for her...

    looking good as usual we should try to sneek in a game some time soon. Friday night? perhaps Saturday when the kids are naping hell i could bring up some terrain and we could play at your place

  2. I've got all my basing done on the troll now and I am leaning toward trying to get the fur thing all worked out. My current take on how to try fur is this: Create a gradient of either black->grey->white or brown->tan->white. At this point, use an oil wash to get the strands of fur to stand out. I think it'll work, but until I try it, I'll wonder...

    Sorry for missing the invite; hit me up via text if you want to get something together.