Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Getting close on the bomber now, and made time to get the bases done for the full-bloods.  I'm pretty excited now to get the army field-able after watching a bunch of Hordes battle reports.  Take a gander and critique:

In need of attention...
So obviously the metallic stuff needs further attention and some more orange rust in the deeper, less used portions of the model, the wood needs highlighting and cleanup, and the leather straps and loincloth will get highlighted.  The rocky growths are going to be given a gradient and the the flames will be given an OSL treatment.  It sounds like a lot, but the OSL and loincloth will be done via airbrush, so should take around 10 minutes for a pretty respectable effect.  I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to do the rocks, but I like the brown contrast to the blue so far, so I'll work it out.  

Full-bloods and the bomber's base

Kinda psyched about having these guys on bases and ready for primer since it'll give me further reason to make use of my new batch mixed airbrush thinner (50% water, 40% drying retarder, 10% flow aid) with the same VGC colors I used on the bomber; it's very exciting! 

Lots o' Hordes
In the above pic you can see how a normal sized humanoid model sizes up to the various models I've got propped on the bases around them.  A word about the bases:  I've taken to using plumber's crack repair putty to make my bases.  This gives me a few things that green stuff doesn't:  Faster hardening time, a more grainy texture, and a denser, heavier base.  I am thus far quite pleased with the results, but only time (and some paint, damnit!) will tell.  Soon, I promise...

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