Monday, August 20, 2012

Warmachine Expansion

I've just about finished my original 15 points of Cryx and am pretty happy with what I've got thus far; I've just got to finish the last little bit of painting on the Skarlock.

In light of that, and after playing a few games, I purchased the next logical expansion: Bane Thralls and Bane Lord Tartarus.  I've built Tartarus and the first two Thralls, and I'm really looking forward to moving ahead toward the 25 point mark.  I'll be posting a whole army photo as soon as I'm done the skarlock, but you may get a better look, sooner, over at Plastic Crack when the scheduled battle reports are posted.  Anyway, a teaser of the Bane Thralls to come...

Metal, But Nice...


  1. they are some nice models. but man if feels and looks like painting something from games workshop that is 10+ years old. Even with saying that my 4 winterguard and my dog are built and I am going to get on with painting them soon and I do like the look even tho they are mono pose

  2. Eh, I'm all about being able to game without a huge investment of my time and energy. I won't slap shit together and blobl 3 base colors onto it just to hit the table and this game system works for that.

    I'm still eying GW stuff up, but I'm unsure where I'll ultimately fall on that; Skaven, Ogres, and Tomb Kings are all lurking there. Tomb Kings currently have my attention, but only because the Necrosphinx is crying out for some airbrush love.