Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Election 2012: Games Workshop Edition

I've been sucked into the Privateer Press world lately, but I also have many, many Games Workshop models awaiting my attention.  In light of this revelation, I wanted to get a feel for what people thought was worth spending some time on.  I'm inclined toward Fantasy, but 40k could possibly grab my attention.

I would like not to play a flavor-of-the-month army, and I won't play Space Marines, simply because the effort of forcing myself to play mirror matches whenever I DID get out to play would quickly sap the fun from the hobby.

I've attached some past painting efforts for your perusal and ask that you weigh in, down in the comments section with what might look nice as a painted army.  One army that isn't displayed, since my test model is currently residing with my brother-in-law is Lizardmen.  Ultimately I'm gonna do whatever captures my imagination, but maybe you could push me in the right direction.  Anyway...

EDIT: The Rat Ogre is not finished (not even close).




REALLY Old-School



Space Pirate!


  1. I vote space Pirate! but saying that the least likely to happen would be guard so i am guessing you will go with them and finish 500 or so points of them. But it's all good what ever you pick. for something out of left field you could do chaos merines you allready have 2 up scaled squads done and painted and they are getting a new book in the next month or 2 so there will be some band wagon people but they will have moved on to dark angles by the time you get a force on the table ;-) and you have plenty of models for them so no need to buy anything off the bat. Hell I could see painting up my own group of theamed ones not sure what god but deffentaly not khorn and you could use them to bolster your ranks to play bigger games if you had the urge.

  2. I agree with the Chaos Marines. They even are supposed to have some pre-heresy books coming from Forge World and that may be the only thing that will be me to buy any GW models again. PP for the win!

  3. "in all my years, i've never seen them do that!" - veteran storm trooper. IG all the way but that's because they are my favorite 40k army. if i was gonna come back in i'd prob go orange smurfs for expedience though.

  4. My deal with chaos marines continues to be a question of time: If it takes me 2 hours for each marine to be up-scaled, I'm approaching the level of time commitment I would need to field a more troop intensive army that required no real customization outside of the paint job. I am intrigued by the new chaos models, but I have to wait and see how easily modified they will be. Also, I'm interested in seeing what additions and changes they will make to the line, going forward.

    I'm also REALLY into the PP stuff, for sure.

  5. well if you go chaos you don't have to have the whole army bigger'd up just the certain sect of squads. make them elite, somehow.

  6. I thought you were going to post up some guard you had painted? also did you ever make any progress on you're crix stuff?