Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Warmachine Progress

I spent some more time last night with my airbrush and Cryx models.  I am really starting to learn to love the airbrush for all sorts of painting.  There are obvious benefits, but there's also a huge downside, which is time spent on maintenance.  I think the time gained back by the ease with which you can create those smooth gradients makes up for it, but the maintenance phase seems worse than it really is, likely because it's not time spent painting.

At any rate, I snapped a quick pic after a little work re-shading some of the helljack, as well as working on (and ultimately finishing) Asphyxious' base.  The picture is a bit de-saturated, but I'll soon be taking a "mission accomplished" picture.  Closing in on game time!

This is crying out for some saturation!
Adjusted to be more "true to form"

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  1. I am putting in time on our side project as we speak. but i think i will sneak in some time for my widow makers at some point tonight if I can get them done I will be all painted for when we play.