Friday, August 10, 2012

Cryx Slayer, Pre-Base

I went ahead and tried an experiment using some home-made pigments to create rust on my Slayer last night and was so pleased, I decided to finish the whole darn thing.  This broke from the plan, which was to finish Asphyxious and then start really going at the Skarlock, but I had momentum and rode it. 

As with the bonejacks, the Slayer still needs a base, but I also spent some time getting the GS down on the bases so I can do a swampy looking thing, similar to the first bonejack I showed on here some time ago.  At any rate, here's a look at the Slayer:
Front View, Looking Mean

Rear View, Looking...Away

Necrotite Furnace

Perspective View
One thing you'll notice in comparing to my previous Deathripper is that the furnace glow is more "contained".  I thought about the geometry of the model, and it just didn't make sense for the glow to be that pronounced.  I didn't highlight the "gold" this time either; I thought it looked more weathered, but still metallic, in its current state.

Hopefully the rust effects are noticeable, since that's what really got me so excited about that effort.  I can detail how I "created" the pigment at some point, but I may have a better way soon; I need to experiment.


  1. Looks really good man I look forward to doing dice battle with him. the Khador are starring at me from the shelf all painted up wateing to throw dice.

  2. This weekend. We'll figure out a mutually agreeable time.