Sunday, July 29, 2012

First Cryx Jack

I finished the first of the bonejacks from the Cryx Battlegroup I bought a while back.  It took a long time for what the end result is, but I went through a few iterations, including an attempt at chipped paint and weathering that scrapped the whole effort once.   The other two light warjacks are done, though their bases are still not in the works.


I think I'm OK with most of what I produced on this model, but I learned some things and there are definitely areas that could do with some improvement.  The attempt to base the model wasn't as convincing as I would really have hoped, though that may ultimately end up being a forgotten experiment.  The glow from the necrotite furnace is strong, but I think I'm pretty much OK with the effect; it helps to offset the otherwise monotone generic Cryx scheme. 

I would like to acquire some pigments to use for rust effects as I just can't seem to find a way to make Vermin brown wash look dusty enough, and the bone could possibly use some more work, but I think it's a decent first (and second and third) hack at Cryx.

Anyway, I've posted two other views of the same model below.  I just now realized that I didn't put the static grass on the base, so that may help the land part look more organic, so when I post a picture of the whole battlegroup, I'll make sure I've got the grass in place.  At any rate, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.  I should be receiving my Asphyxious and Skarlock from my FLGS this week, so the 15 point battles will commence shortly!

Repeat of above
Some "reeds"
My typical view


  1. I really like the pond skum on the water in the side view that looks great. I personally would have to figgit with thows reeds a bit they are all most to straight and clumped. but a bit od other shorter grass at there base might change that opinion a bit.

  2. Yeah, the reeds are going down as a failed experiment as well: Clumped is fine, but too uniform isn't. I think they're unnecessary anyway. I still have the other two Deathrippers (I think...) to put on bases, so those lessons will be applied to the forthcoming base efforts.

    The bases under these jack models, and under trooper and solo models as well I suspect, don't leave a lot of room to detail things, so I will likely just simplify the bases as opposed to complicating them.