Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prelude to November 2012: Cryx Warcaster Poll Showdown

So of course the title is absurd; I wouldn't share my politics here (in person though...).  Take a gander at the fine fellows below and weigh in on the poll.  Something to keep in mind is that I refuse to fully embrace a female Warcaster (sorry ladies) and I'm interested to hear why you will have picked who you support in the comments.  I'm new to this game system and relatively incapable of making a sound choice based on the game mechanics.

The poll widget looks terrible and I can't figure out how to add it directly to the post right now.  Comments will count as votes! 






  1. Asphyxious or Terminus I cant decide witch both look amazing but I have no clue what they can do in game

  2. New to the game system? Iron Lich Asphyxious then (aka Asphyxious1, pAsphyxious). He is great at all levels of the game and he has multiple ways to win via assassination.

    Use him with 2-3 arc nodes (deathrippers for preference) and a heavy to start with.

  3. "Something to keep in mind is that I refuse to fully embrace a female Warcaster"


  4. @Canis: I can suspend my disbelief enough to imagine myself as a tiny, plastic zombie monster, but I can't RP a woman...

    Given the opportunity, of course, I would embrace those fine lookin' ladies ;-)