Friday, July 13, 2012

Warmachine Surprise!

So I surprised everyone, including myself, by making a faction choice for Warmachine not even alluded to in my previous list. 

Chicken 'Jack

I'd been looking around at the various faction models, and almost equally importantly, how they played on the table top, and I was impressed by the description of Cryx as having "all of the tools to beat the enemy assuming you're not trying to beat them at their own game". This description captured my imagination, and the previous front-runner, Protectorate of Menoth, being described as "synergy based, so tending toward blocking up" made me envision a big white blob of models on the table - very exciting stuff...

I've got my work cut out for me as I figure out the game system and then how to win at it: My brother-in-law, and primary wargaming opponent received a gift in a shiny red package:

Shiny (mostly?) Red Package...
I'm pretty excited about the new game system, and while still a GW model devotee, spent some serious time poring over my other purchases:

I love buying "stuff"!
I'm pretty excited to start into modeling the other 2 'jacks from the Cryx battlegroup; I built the war-witch late last night, but never took a picture for the blog (shame!).  I'll be updating as I proceed through the painting process.  Very exciting stuff!


  1. i have read the quick start rules. it will be interesting to get a game in at some point not to long from now. but i definitely need to pick up the main rule book as soon as stomping grounds gets it back in.

  2. I'll get through the main rules once this weekend and then kick them over to you. I am really, REALLY digging the way they're doing their books. I am so very excited about this!

  3. rock on....that model kind of looks like the dark crystal creatures.

  4. Yeah, it definitely does. This faction is kinda goth/undead/dreary. Liking the Warmachine vibe... a LOT.

  5. I am loving that you only need 7 or so models to play that is less then one 40K unit