Saturday, July 7, 2012

OSL Adventure

So I piddled around on Battlefield 3 tonight (PC gaming is my single greatest vice) and wasted precious time I could've spent on my warlock.  Knowing this made me guilty, so I set to work on my OSL version of the Isle of Blood skaven warlock.  I took a few pictures of the proceedings, so I'll attach them for your perusal and judgment.

The end result is somewhere between satisfactory and pleasing for me.  I could possibly have spent more time blending, but a more important observation was that, as the time drew on, I paid less attention to moving the highlights back toward the light.  I think it's pretty telling in the final product, but for future efforts with OSL, which I believe there will be many of, I will have noted this point.  At any rate, here are the painting sequence pics:

And here are the pics with OSL "done".  Feel free to let me know what weaknesses and places for improvement you see.



  1. looking nice the blue in the cracks for the weathering was a surprise but it looks nice.

  2. Thanks! It was a learning experience and as with all of my stuff, I see room for improvement. Some things I noted:

    Hightlight back toward the light source sooner, creating a more drastic gradient.

    For warpstone, white isn't the optimal highlight color. I need to experiment with a saturated yellow.

    While I like the high intensity look, the light sources themselves seem lost, so this warrants some thought going forward.