Monday, July 9, 2012

Where next?!

So I'm in need of some inspiration on where to go next.  My problem, possibly familiar to other painters of skaven, is that the sheer number of models needed, and the profusion of awesomely sculpted minis in the army make choosing a direction for the next painting iteration difficult.

What I already have fully painted is something like this:

Plague Monk,
25 clanrats with spears,
20 slaves,
15 giants rats,
10 plague monks,
1 beastmaster (or whatever the skaven one is called).

What I've got partly painted looks like this:

1 Poisoned wind mortar,
1 doomwheel,
3 rat ogres.

What I've got in need of building or still in the grey:

1 Hell Pit abomination
1 Warp fire thrower
1 War lightning cannon
A bunch of Isle of Blood rats,
A bunch of mod'ed skavenslaves (courtesy of Turiya64)

I always like to build/paint toward playing, and that argues for the rat ogres and mortar being finished.  In addition, the doomwheel could be finished, but I think I need to disassemble that a bit in order to hit the painting standard that I like to use for my models, and it's kinda broken in the points level of the game that I can enter right now, so that's possibly getting a lower priority.  The cannon looks appealing, but that's the single least built model in my collection (NIB currently).  Thoughts?!


I've gone and started the process of breaking down the Doomwheel into more readily paint-able parts.   I had fully assembled the model back in the day, to get it playable, and it has been primed and based, but painting the driver and the rats inside the rims of the wheel would have been impossible with the side-mounted warpstone "arms".  I'll be making good progress on the model this evening, and the whole thing will be posted up in the next few days.

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