Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Skarlock and Asphyxious Pre-Prime

I picked up my skarlock and Asphyxious models yesterday from the FLGS and was minorly surprised to see that I was to be taking home Lich Lord Asphyxious instead of the intended Iron Lich Asphyxious .  I wasn't totally caught off guard, and the fault lies with me for not clearly specifying the PIP number, but I am happy with the model nonetheless

I have a noticeable lack of infantry in the army still (at 15 points), so eAsphyxious (I will not refer to him as "eGaspy") will get to enjoy a totally useless feat, but when I've got some Bane Knights or Bane Thralls...

Anyway, I built Asphyxious last night and that particular process served to remind me how much I hate working with multi-part metal kits.  I built the skarlock today at lunch and snapped a quick pic of him. 
Dashboard Lightbox
I'll prime both when I get home tonight, and then get cracking on making magic with these fine fellows; I've got a tentative first game tomorrow night and they'll not likely be finished, but a decent approximation of it.  I also need to spend some time making the Battlegroup Slayer look less like a black blob.  I'll be posting a follow up tonight or early tomorrow.


  1. That skarlock is rather cool looking. and sense i have not run into it is there any restrictions on running the normal or epic casters? i have wondered about this for a wile. but i guess i could go read my rule book... ok off i go to do just that.

  2. oh holy crap I just checked out the models for Asphyxious and you got the way cooler looking one. The epic one for him is amazing

  3. No restrictions on which versions to use since they're all of the same relative power, in theory. It really signifies the advancement of those characters in the storyline.

    The Lich Lord model is cool, but I kinda liked the simpler version's feat. Also, since they're metal, building the more complicated model makes me want to cry...

  4. eh paper clips and a pinvice will have him looking spiffy and holding together for a long time.

    I have discovered a pain in my ass as far as expanding the khador are concerned the winterguard only have 4 different models and one of thows is the leader the other you can only get one time in the unit box.. so you end up with 3 copy's of 2 of the variants in a full unit. So I am looking in to finding alternative models for them.
    Honestly this is my biggest problem with PP so far my unit of widdowmakers is only 4 guys strong and even then there is a duplicate in there. its not a huge problem but I am a little spoiled from the years of plastic GW kits.

  5. Yeah, your issue is a valid one. I am seeing the same thing with the infantry units I'm looking at adding.

    The way that I come to terms with it is to assume that, when painted, it won't matter that much to me and to treat this game system in basically the same way as was explained to us: GW wants to provide the best models possible, and PP wants to provide the best game possible.

    I don't know if that will be borne out, but the low model count in the game in general lends itself to focusing less on the hobby of building and painting these models, and more on the hobby of playing the game.

    I'm excited to start playing!