Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finished Warlock

I went back and revisited some issues that I had noticed on the warlock I used as my OSL testbed.  Those two problem locations were fixed last night, and the other details on the model were finalized.  I'm not sure it will come out in the images, but the metal is subtly "highlighted" so as not to be overbearing, like many of the metals in my projects.  I'll include the new images below.

I've also returned to the Doomwheel based on the feedback I received to my posting asking for input.  I am not quite 100% based yet, but the woodwork on the model is totally complete.  I will post a WIP pic tonight before quitting time (assuming my professional quitting time is reasonable).

I've also come to something of a conclusion on the Warmachine v. Hordes faction issue that I posted about.  I've decided that I like Circle stuff, but until the Hordes 2 Player Starter releases, I will begin with Warmachine.  I have read plenty of interesting stuff about the play-styles of the factions and believe that, while I have a deep love of Russian history (despite my German heritage), I can't abide an army who's play-style is described as "walk straight at the enemy and punch them in the face"; it sounds flat and uninspiring to me.  I've read plenty that I like about Menoth building synergy and denying enemy abilities, as well as Cryx having a wide array of ways to "peel the onion".  This is coming down to a knock-down, drag-out thing here, but I'm close.  I just need a nudge in the right direction...

Anyway, skaven pics:

The blue is less pronounced in person...

This shows the sleeve I fixed last night...

...and the other sleeve.

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