Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Warmachine! Hordes!

I've been musing over what has been described to me as "the better game system with the worse models" when compared to GW's Warhammer lines and believe I am going to start delving into these options as a fun alternative gaming option.

Does anyone have any recommendations they'd like to share for someone new to the Privateer Press  stuff?  I lean Hordes simply because Warmachine screams "Dreadnought fight!" to me, but I'm open to anything.

I'm inclined to like, in this order:

Something to take note of there is that, while I call out a preference for Hordes, I include two Warmachine armies in my top three preferences.  With regard to Protectorate stuff, I feel like their models are top notch and exude that gothic religious aura.  Khador appeals to a part of me that has always been fascinated by the indomitable will of the Russian people.  Whatever the case, high-quality, dynamic models are essential to me and while the casters seem very nice, Khador jacks are somewhat lackluster.

Whatever the case, let me know what you guys are thinking.


  1. if you want to give this a shot I am willing to split the starter box with you 50$ seems reasonable to give the game a chance. I like both the armys in the starter box khador has nice chunky jacks and the warcaster is fantastic looking. Protectorate i have to agree 100% with you the gothic religious theam they have going is really cool and there troops are nice.

  2. looks cool. the models really detailed. seems a little more stylized and colorful then GW themes. i think i still like GW stuff better but im still impressed.

  3. The models seem decent, though GW has the FAR superior sculptors and molding technology. This game system is supposed to be far more competitive, and based on the quick-start rules available on their site, I like what I see. I also really like that a fully playable army need only consist of a (large) handful of models.