Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bouncin' Around

I'm feeling compelled to give some new models a look recently, so I've done a few things over the last day or so since the last post to justify further "investment" in the hobby.  I was recently looking at the new GW paint line and purchased a few of the paints from the "Paint Guides" page.  I gave my ogre from the last post a little further highlighting with "Eldar Flesh" which kinda helped to "pop" the musculature just a little more.  I'll have to re-post after I give him the final details I was considering.

I also did up a skaven warlock's flesh with the "Flesh" colors shown on that page.  The result is below:

He's not much to look at just yet, but soon enough...  I've got an idea to try something a little different with him, so tomorrow night I'll paint the remainder of the details, and then I'm going to venture into uncharted waters, all of which will be detailed here, for your amusement.

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